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This is the most common comment we hear when our clients first see their new fence. We love to hear this, as it means we have exceeded their expectations and are right on track to reach our goal. We strive to provide the safest and most attractive fence installation possible, given the uniqueness of every landscape.

Since starting in this industry, we have been distributors for two other pool fence brands here in the Sacramento area, but have chosen to work with Life Saver now for the past decade. In that time we have watched their products evolve and improve, and consider theirs to be the strongest and best fence available. 

In our 20 years' experience and over 3000 pool fence installations, we have used a proprietary layout system that is unique in our industry. Our system, designed in house, lets us show our customer their entire fence line before any marking or drilling is done. And the template is easily adjusted to make changes "on the fly". Our clients have been delighted with the control that this layout system gives them over the final design and appearance of their fence. In addition, it provides us as the installer with the accuracy to produce consistent results. That helps us exceed our customers' expectations. 

The Life Saver premium fence has proven to be so trouble free that we rarely hear back from our customers unless they want to move, change or modify their fence in some way (new deck, etc.) However, if a problem does arise, our prompt and thorough customer service will help resolve the situation as quickly as practical.